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Canicross is a mashup of the words “canine” and “cross country” and is a team sport consisting of a person and dog who run together. Typically the person wears a waist belt, the dog a specifically designed harness, and the two are joined by an elastic line that reduces shock to both the person and dog when the dog pulls.  More traditional collar and leashes are also appropriate for those who are just starting out. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by all levels and abilities. For those who take the sport more seriously, a true canicross setup will increase a runner’s speed due to the pulling action of their dog.

Canicross originated in Europe as one way for sled dogs to train in the off-season and has evolved into a stand-alone sport. Competitions started around the early 2000’s and have attracted competitors and hobbyists of all levels. Canicross clubs, organizations, and federations have helped to develop the sport, some with the goal of reaching the Olympic level. Canicross is already sanctioned by organizations that are officially recognized by some National Olympic Committees.


In the United States, Canicross (aka caniXC or caniX) is relatively unheard of.  It is more prevalent in cooler climate areas where sled dog and mushing sports already exist but is slowly becoming more known. Canicross USA is here to help promote the sport throughout the US.   


MEEt team USA

Meet all 5 of the US canicross athletes and their canine companions competing in the World Championships this year in Sweden. Find out how they discovered canicross, what their favorite gear is, how they train, and some advice for those new to the sport of canicross!

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The creation of our membership program is an outcome of the passion for this sport that has been displayed by you. “YOU” meaning our dog owners, dog owner runners, CaniCross USA Chapters, Dog Related Groups & Clubs, CaniCross Race Directors and companies that support and provide products for CaniCross. 

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XC Thrillogy CaniCross hit the airwaves!

XC Thrillogy Canicross hit the airwaves!

At the Pike River Trail Run & Canicross in Sept of 2018, PBS Milwaukee did a feature on our canicross event.

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Canicross USA and our local chapters will embrace our grassroots effort to create a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. We will be all inclusive to all abilities and breeds of dogs. With a distinct focus on living and loving a healthy lifestyle in a community that is exploring and expanding the relationship with our canine running partners.

Canicross USA will build bridges with each chapter that will further allow each chapter to create its own identity locally and grow in their unique part of the country. We will provide resources and guidance that will best assist in developing: group runs, Canicross events, community awareness, product support and continual education on our sport. 

Canicross USA will rely on its local chapters to provide creative, fun and healthy ideas with each other to ensure a nurturing environment. 

Canicross USA believes in you and the care, passion and love that is required to keep our canine running partners healthy and active. 

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